About Us

Pilates Plus offers innovative and state of the art Pilates programs for the general public. Our aim is to_26K3921-1_green make Pilates accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability. One-on-one Pilates sessions, Pilates mat classes, and Pilates Reformer classes are available six days a week at our studio in Beecroft, Sydney.

Our Mission

We endeavour to promote physical and emotional wellness and personal improvement through an empowering and nurturing environment. Whether it be a one-on-one or group class, we use pilates exercises in the hope to inspire people to set goals for themselves and reach them, while enhancing their self-image and self-confidence. There is nothing quite like a pilates workout, and we understand individuals develop at their own pace and as such we deliver client focused care in a compassionate atmosphere. All our instructors are committed to ongoing professional development and training.